- Carry You-




I won’t leave

I’ll stay here

And hold on to

All you gave me

Don’t you worry


I’ll carry you with me




I won’t leave

I’ll stay here

And wait for you

When you’re ready

But don’t you hurry


I'll carry you with me


- We Are -


Oh we never ever thought we would love like this

Never ever thought we would mend like this

We just knew that somewhere out there

We would find someone who


Loves who we are

Loves us no matter who we are

Loves us no matter where we are

Loves us for who we are


We’ve been deep into the darkest of the seas

Higher than the mountains could ever reach

Never thought that it would be so

Hard to give in and to let go

Dance with the wind, turn into snow

While the earth is turning slow

All we knew was somewhere out there


- If I Ever Find The Right Place -


I dont know what it is, but I want it

I dont know where i am, but I want out


So take me out tonight, I need it

And sit right next to me and breathe ‘cause


I’m not the one you want

No I’m not even here

If I ever find the right place

Come and meet me there


I’m counting all of the raindrops

I try to map the sea


- Lionheart -


There´s so many things that you don't know

How to hold on, how to let go

They left before you even got to

Know them like they know you


Hide so they wont see how you are at home

Leave them to believe that you’re all alone

Fall in all the fights, feel the southern wind

Heal the armor on your frozen skin


They called you loser from the start

But they don’t know who you are

‘Cause they’ve just watched you from afar

Don't ever doubt you lionheart


Oh, won’t you please just let me go



- Heritage -


I can’t stop thinking it was my fault

I keep sinking, I wasn’t that old

I can't stop wondering what I did wrong

I keep asking, no one answers when i call


I try to follow

Your footsteps in the deep snow

I try to follow

But I move too slow


So you left with my safety net

Yeah you left with my home

So you left me in emptiness

When you left my home

I can’t stop turning, will I ever sleep?

My insides keep burning holes buried deep

You promised me to never leave but I could see your face

It always longed for being some other place


- Set Sails -


Can you see the black crow

Slow dancing with the white snow

Oh, the crying widow

Heads wherever the wind blows


Set sails towards the wide sea

In the storm theres no place you’d rather be

I wonder if you ever think of me

Well I’d like, I’d like to believe...


We destroy each other for fun

While vultures are waiting until we’re done

Nothing can be undone

Well I know I was someone


Wanna see. Take it slow.

Do you know where to go?

The ocean might carry you away

Hope the others were wrong

Will you ever return?

The ocean might carry you away



- Four Years (in one day) -


When you left I lost my ground

I don’t know if I’ll ever find

Out if I can call this home

Now that I’m here all alone


Four months has gone by

Theres heavy rain but the earth is dry

And I can hear a soft wind blow

While I watch the trees moving slow


So I’ll scream at the sky

It was not your time to die

I’ll ask for rain to help me cry

But the clouds keep rolling by


Four years in one day

It all looks just the same way

And I still sing the same old songs

And analyze all my wrongs


You took your last breath in my arms

I said I’d be there ‘til you go

So we watched the rain turn into snow

And the trees in our garden grow


- Snow -


You’re moving words

They're drifting herds

Still your eyes are cold

Like winters gold


Well the voices turned

But you never learned

Why the fire froze

And the ice took hold


Hold me, please go

I'm on my knees


You got scared of those

Who came too close

So run my child

Back into the wild


You're skin is pale

Well you're bound to fail

It's time to let go

And just fall as the snow


- Into the woods -


You are safe with me

Don’t worry about the wind chasing the sea

Breathe out breathe in

Listen to trees caught by the wind

Come on give in

There’s nothing left to win


I know you fought with the wind too

Step by step you got deeper into the woods

I’ll help you let go

And we’ll take it slow

So come on give in

You’ve worn out your skin


So scream, no one will hear

‘Cause you are alone my dear

You won't stay sane

Among trees in the rain

So take my hand

And I’ll take you home



- Fire on The Mountain -


There’s a fire on the mountain

Swaying like a lonely lantern

Can you see the shades

As the evening fades away


There’s a fire in the twilight

Dancing through the dark night

Whispers in the wind

Can you hear them calling?


How does it feel to be alone?

How does it feel when you’re far away from home?


There’s cracks on the lake

It will keep you wide awake

Can you hear the storm?

The fire will keep you warm


Let your heart rest, your knees are trembling

Your body has been aching for too long

Open your chest it’s time to start healing

This is not where you belong










Fay Wildhagen 2016 © All Rights Reserved